Formattor [WIP]

Hi there,

it's been a while since I posted last time, but big projects are on the way.

Let me introduce you Formattor  (Format + Creator)

After struggling with data management with, basicly, every games I ever made (I'm not a huge fan of XML serialization or hard-code data), I was looking for a software to build any type of Format. I decided to create a format builder software:

Formattor Builder & Editor are developed in C# / WPF. The Formattor library is written in C# too but I'm planning to write a C++ version.

The logs system. The gray lines are the pending logs, still not saved. It was created in a way that a team can work together on the same file and track every actions.

The encryption of the file, for those who doesn't want to be stealed / ripped off. You can generate a key by using the utility or just enter a password. There is 2 types of encryption, one is more suited for a 32-bits key and the other one for a plain password. 

The factory. You can create a whole custom category to fit your needs. There is only primary categories. I don't want users to create over complicated category. (i.e making a huge custom category instead of a container)

The keys logs. If you are too lazy to save your passwords / keys, you can allow Formattor to do it.

An exemple of a category edit.

The editor. This is where the user fills the file with custom data, based on the file's architecture. It's just a prototype at the moment.

I'm planning to add new features, but for now I'm sticking with this version.

I developped Formattor for myself but I'm planning to release it if people are interested too. Drop me a message if you want a beta of the software.

Meteor - Update 2

Some news about Meteor !

I just started a beta to fix any possible bugs.

As you can see, the UI changed a lot, and its more good-looking .I added a RSS fluxes feed too.

I love RSS fluxes so I can check the news while I'm talking to my friends !

Some screens :

RSS Manager

Account creation

Meteor login

User's profile

I'm fixing the bugs found by the testers right now, I'll post a public link soon. Stay tuned.

Runn3r - My first phone game

Hello there,

since its the holiday, I wanted to do something new. So I'm making a phone game.

It's a good opportunity to train myself at Android development. I'm quite used to Java but I never did game development in this language.

Here what I'm using :

- Android Studio
- LibGDX
- My own engine

I'm used to XNA but LibGDX seems good too !

See you soon for more informations (and screens I hope)

Arcturus - Video 2

Another video !

Since I got a lot of free time, I worked hard on Arcturus and added those features :

- Blending transition 
- Looting drops
- Attack animation 
- Basic Lighting
- Enemy/Player Collisions with Knockback
- Item placing (plants, etc...) 
- Performence optimization

The lighting system is very basic and the "diamond" shape of the light bother me a little, but its ok for now.

I'm glad I didn't encounter any big issues. 

Arcturus - Video 1

Another update of one of my project, Arcturus.

I made this video to show the features of the game so far. I'm working on blending transition right now and I'll add some better graphics (especially character graphics).I suck at Pixel Art but its a good occasion to learn more about it.

Soon I'll post a complete post about Arcturus, all the coming features, etc ...

Meteor - Update 1

An update about Meteor, heres the current progress.

Everything works and I'm about to release a small beta.

Stay tuned !


Since few dews, I made a pause in game development and I'm focused on a software called "Meteor".

Basicly, it's a Instant Messenger, like Skype and Msn . But I'll add some cool features soon :)

More informations & screens coming.

PS : This screen is a prototype and not the current UI.