Formattor [WIP]

Hi there,

it's been a while since I posted last time, but big projects are on the way.

Let me introduce you Formattor  (Format + Creator)

After struggling with data management with, basicly, every games I ever made (I'm not a huge fan of XML serialization or hard-code data), I was looking for a software to build any type of Format. I decided to create a format builder software:

Formattor Builder & Editor are developed in C# / WPF. The Formattor library is written in C# too but I'm planning to write a C++ version.

The logs system. The gray lines are the pending logs, still not saved. It was created in a way that a team can work together on the same file and track every actions.

The encryption of the file, for those who doesn't want to be stealed / ripped off. You can generate a key by using the utility or just enter a password. There is 2 types of encryption, one is more suited for a 32-bits key and the other one for a plain password. 

The factory. You can create a whole custom category to fit your needs. There is only primary categories. I don't want users to create over complicated category. (i.e making a huge custom category instead of a container)

The keys logs. If you are too lazy to save your passwords / keys, you can allow Formattor to do it.

An exemple of a category edit.

The editor. This is where the user fills the file with custom data, based on the file's architecture. It's just a prototype at the moment.

I'm planning to add new features, but for now I'm sticking with this version.

I developped Formattor for myself but I'm planning to release it if people are interested too. Drop me a message if you want a beta of the software.

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